Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uninteresting things about Moi...Per your request Brandy (BrandyWine) Click here to go to her adorable blog :)

Here you go Mon Ami...

My name, I'm sure you would agree is not your typical name...When I was growing up I wished my name was Lisa, it would have made school a whole lot easier! MAYDAY, MAYDAY was my common nickname, hehehe ~ I hated that!! LOL!!
My parents picked it from the Bible, it's really a mans name, a grandson of Noah.
For those that are curious… it’s pronounced "mu" (u as in mud)then "dye" (as in color dye)... see hooked on phonics does work, hehe :)

I’m short, 60” = 5 feet exactly

I’m a morning person.

I never, ever get bored. I was sort of an only child, my siblings were all grown up by the time I was 5 so I got used to playing and entertaining myself.

I’m allergic to anything with aspirin in it… for years I would take Aleve (which has a small amount of a compound from aspirin)around that time of the month and I would break out in hives, for 10 years!! Doctors thought it was hormonal until one time it was so bad I had to go to the ER and finally that wonderful ER doctor figured it out! I’ve been hives free for 2 years now!

And my dream was/is to own a tea house.

That's it, I'm sure I could come up with more uninteresting stuff, lol... but the limit was 6 ! hehehe :)

Oh, wait one more Begonia is blooming!! Yay!

Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate it so much!! :)

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