Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words, Quotes and Poems... OH MY!!!

Mrs Raven prefers Potter to Poe these days, a tad lighter reading, I would say :)

Thank you so much for stopping in today!!! I am so glad you found your way to Wren Cottage....because....I have a little surprise for you.... a GIVEAWAY!!! BUT.... there is a "wittle" catch.... If you've been here before or have taken a peek at my flick'r album you will know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Quotes, Poems, and well, just plain words will do...DREAM, INSPIRE, LOVE... I'm not really good with them so I can really appreciate it when I read a beautiful poem or makes my little heart sing and my mind just floats into a happy, dreamy place...ahhhh... So the catch to this giveaway is, leave me your favorite quote or as simple as your favorite word by November 5th and you will be entered into my giveaway! I hope you like the glittery banners because the giveaway is "WINTER * WISH" ~ I hope this will be tempting enough for you to leave me your favorite!!

and the words are just flying off the pages.....on the wings of a butterfly~*~*~*~~**

My Abraham Darby surprised me this morning with two more blooms, the scent was stronger to me than in the summer, maybe because I know that I won't be seeing them for awhile now that old man winter will be here before we know it.

I was inspired to decorate the back of my chair by my super sweet friend Tiffany you have to stop by her blog and etsy, I love the way she embellishes her world!!! She was featured recently in the "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" Special Studios Edition Magazine, CONGRATULATIONS sweetie!! Fly over there and take a peek at her world, you'll never want to leave :)!!
And in this photo you can also see the WINTER * WISH banner~*~*~*~* :)

It's been really busy for me lately and I apologize if I haven't stopped by to visit, but life will be getting back to normal one of these days and I will be flying over to visit your little worlds!!!
I am so glad you stopped by! I will be posting the winner on November 8th... soooooooooo make sure to leave me your email address so I can notify you!!
hugs*~*~*~*~* And may your days be filled with SpArkly anD GlitTeRy HaPpiNesS~*~*~*~

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