Saturday, August 16, 2008

To A Friend's House the Road Is Never Long...

Even if it's to my sweet friend Carola's, Boxwood Cottage in Germany...
I felt like you were with me as I opened the "friendship parcel" you sent, I swear I could almost hear your voice, telling me what every little thing was, just like you do on flickr and your blog, it was really cute, lol :)
I loved every little bit from start to finish. You put so much care and detail into everything...and the priceless gift of a dear friend was the most enjoyable of all...
Thank you!!!

All the things we share in common were in the parcel....

You know how much I admire your soldered pendants...your workmanship is just perfection!! I love them...

Friendship Seeds from your BEAUTIFUL garden to mine... I just know they will grow since they came from your "enchanted" garden!

LOOK at the packaging!! Too PRECIOUS!! ~ Rococo Pansies!!! woohoo!!!

This is just beautiful... It was all tucked in the sweet cone you hand made... It was so fun to pull it out and see that I can wear it in my hair or as a pin/brooch... you clever girl ;)It is GORGEOUS!!

Been wanting a cone for the longest time ... it is soooo pretty!!! I love the color and all the gold dresden details and the scalloped edge...

Another Carola original... " A Token of Friendship" Card/Collage... LOVE!!! & the pretty lace... I tell you, you spoiled me :)

I am so enchanted with this little girl... she really does make me so happy!!

The little red box is adorable and had the cutest bird button tucked inside... I love the "Tinted Shea Butter Balm", yummy, I have never seen anything like it here and the "Eau des Vanillers" is just heavenly....

I also loved the German Magazine, oh my, so much "eye candy"! ~ thank goodness for the pictures since I can only understand "Wilkomen", lol!!! and all the beautiful dresden and little cutouts... I just adored everything!
THANK YOU dear, dear glad you are only a click away... :)
xoxoxoxo ~ 

Monday, August 4, 2008

" A Constant Friend is a thing rare and hard to find." ~ Plutarch

Gifts from the heart from Tiffany Jane:

Beth will keep your little treasure safe :)

You put your heart into even the smallest of details:

Thank you Tiffany not only for the gifts (which I do love :) but for so much more than that and the most valuable,your friendship.